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Battery Power Supervisory for Battery Powered Instruments

Ultra Low Current Consumption :: Small Dimensions
For Battery and Accumulator Supervision from 9V to 24V

The Battery Power Supervisory was originally developed for the BassXX Preamp in 1999. The need for an individual circuit lead to this tiny unit which is applicable together with all battery powered equipment.
It constantly monitors the state of your battery and starts to flash via a small blue LED at low supply power.
Once it starts to flash, the battery needs to be changed within roughly 10 hours.
This unit can be easily retrofitted to any 9V (18V upon request) battery or accumulator powered instrument – not just bass and guitar.


  • Ultra-low power consumption, only 6µA in supervisory
    mode for a 9V battery or accumulator.
  • Spurious-free operation do not feed any disturbances
    into the power supply.
  • Reverse polarity protected.
  • Tiny circuit, you will find a place everywhere.

Installation of the BPS is very easy by connecting it in parallel to the consumer load – the onboard circuit in your bass or guitar for example.

After manufacture each unit undergoes a throughout test and inspection. This ensures that each unit passes strict quality standards. Serial number is carried out for traceability purposes.


Technical Data:

  • Current Consumption (9V):
    6µA monitoring, 150µA flashing
  • Current Consumption (18V):
    8µA monitoring, 170µA flashing
  • Flash Frequency : 1Hz
  • Supply Voltage Supervisory:
    9V standard, 18V or other voltages upon request
  • Weight: 3,5 g
  • Dimensions:
    L 12 x B 12 x H 4 mm